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COVID-19 Financial Relief Info

Unemployment Info & Resources:

There are unemployment benefits and options for self-employed and gig workers who are out of work because of the pandemic!

· COVID-19 Unemployment FAQ

· File for Louisiana unemployment insurance

· Assistance for self-employed/1099

· Assistance for artists/creatives

· Assistance for gig-workers

· 3 Key Budget Moves for Surviving a Job Loss

*Remember you must check in every week if you are getting state unemployment insurance and are still out of work to keep getting benefits!

Stimulus Checks:

You may qualify for the government stimulus check even if you aren’t required to file yearly taxes!

· Turbo Tax set up a stimulus registration option on their website:

- Stimulus check calculator

- Register for a possible government stimulus check even if you do not file taxes

- Stimulus check FAQ

· The IRS has similar tools and info:

- Registration for non-filers:

- FAQ here:

· More FAQ:

- Who Gets Stimulus Checks First

- Stimulus checks and next year's taxes

· Beware of scams! (attached PDF)

For Students:

Some students might be able to get a stimulus check based on their age and tax filing status. There is also some temporary relief for students with federal student loans.

· 7 Kinds of COVID-19 Relief for College Students

· Federal student loan relief info

Looking for more? Visit the main financial relief section from the NOLA Ready website:

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