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COVID-19 Financial Relief Info

Unemployment Info & Resources:

There are unemployment benefits and options for self-employed and gig workers who are out of work because of the pandemic!

*Remember you must check in every week if you are getting state unemployment insurance and are still out of work to keep getting benefits!

Stimulus Checks:

You may qualify for the government stimulus check even if you aren’t required to file yearly taxes!

· Turbo Tax set up a stimulus registration option on their website:

- Stimulus check calculator

- Register for a possible government stimulus check even if you do not file taxes

- Stimulus check FAQ

· The IRS has similar tools and info:

· More FAQ:

· Beware of scams! (attached PDF)

For Students:

Some students might be able to get a stimulus check based on their age and tax filing status. There is also some temporary relief for students with federal student loans.

Looking for more? Visit the main financial relief section from the NOLA Ready website:

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