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The purpose of Phase II was to create interventions based off of the interview data results found in Phase I. We aimed to reflect each community’s priorities, culture, strengths and  experiences in the questions and materials used in the interventions. Details about the interventions themselves are described below.

Agency interventions were completed in early 2020. We began recruiting participants for the individual interventions, but recruitment was discontinued in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase II of C-LEARN was closed in June 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Technical Assistance (TA): Uses a “Train the Trainer” approach to train agency staff on topics including: disaster preparedness, reducing social risk factors and building strengths, and enhancing mental health resilience.

Community Engagement and Planning: A coalition building and “readiness” intervention encouraging network building and collaboration among community and service agencies across sectors. 

Community Resources Mobile Tools: Offers links to community informational resources as well as disaster, health, or social services identified from or tailored to the local community.


Community Resources App + Coping Support (CR+CS):

Offers the community resources component plus a CBT-based text message tool using a “Catch it, Check it, Change it” framework to help people manage stress during times of difficulty.

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